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Oral Surgeon 77007

Oral Surgeon 77007

Top Reasons Why Pearl Dentistry is Considered the Best Oral Surgeon in 77007 Houston:

If your dentist has referred you to an oral surgeon, you’re familiar with the difficulty of calling around and trying to find an oral surgeon who can fit you in to their busy schedule. You may have to travel to the other side of the city to be seen, making the already inconvenient situation even more of a hassle. Like a lot of other dental patients, you may wonder why your dentist does not offer the options of in-house oral surgery. If your dental provider doesn’t offer all of the services you require, we invite you to see why more local Houston residents prefer Pearl Modern Dentistry.

At Pearl Dentistry, their specialists are able to offer some of the most popular types of oral surgery most often referred by dentists- and you don’t have to leave their office and travel an hour to find the services you need, since their Houston facility is able to accommodate for your needs. Pearl Dentistry performs Osseous Surgery in cases when gum disease has progressed and has caused serious damage to the underlying tissues and bones surrounding the teeth. If your dentist recommended Osseous Surgery, Pearl Dentistry is pleased to offer their patients access to the most trusted oral surgeon in 77007 Houston.

In cases where a root canal is recommended to save a tooth, it’s very often the case that a dentist may refer the patient to a root canal specialist outside of their practice. At Pearl Modern Dentistry, specialists can manage every detail of your root canal right in their local office. As experts in stress-free tooth repairs, the professionals at Pearl Dentistry use the latest in dental technology to provide their patients with expedient and virtually pain-free root canal therapy- something that was not possible only a few short years ago.

Traditionally, a root canal meant several uncomfortable and painful visits to an oral surgeon. In 77007 Houston, that usually meant 3 or 4 long trips to a specialist to endure excruciating treatment. Using modern imaging and disinfection equipment, Pearl Dentistry can complete most root canals in their office in a single visit. When a crown is placed over the tooth, a second visit may be required. Modern root canal therapy can stop a toothache caused by infection, and can be performed right in the same facility as Pearl’s other general dentistry services.

In the case of tooth loss, Pearl Dentistry offers Implant Dentistry in-house, rather than traveling to see an oral surgeon in 77007 Houston. The experienced dental team at Pearl can offer the benefits of beautiful dental implants to restore your smile, in fact, implants are considered to be the most effective option in restorative dentistry. With implant surgery, you can have beautiful new teeth that function every bit as terrific as they look! Book your next appointment with the most trusted oral surgeon in 77007 Houston by calling Pearl Dentistry at 713-863-1520.

Oral Surgeon 77007
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Oral Surgeon 77007 Oral Surgeon 77007
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